Mashantucket Pequot Tribal and Native American Preference Law

The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal and Native American Preference Law ("Preference Law") requires any person who employs five or more employees working on the Reservation to afford preference in employment opportunities to members of federally recognized Indian tribes who live on or near a reservation. In addition, the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, as an employer, is required to provide preference in employment opportunities first to members of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, then to Spouses of Mashantucket Pequot Tribe members, then to Native Americans who are not members of the Tribe.

Employment Opportunities include hiring, transfer, promotion, training, and retention, including in any reorganization or layoff. In addition, when the Tribe is the employer, Tribal Members and Spouses of Tribal members receive advance notification of position openings and preference in shift assignments for open positions, and all preference categories receive accommodations for cultural convictions unique to the individual's Native American culture, unless providing such an accommodation would cause a hardship to the employer.

If an individual required to receive preference under the Law believes he/she was denied the preference, the individual may file a claim against the employer. The claim must be filed within 180 days of the event he/she believes was in non-compliance with the law. Before filing a claim with the MERO, the individual must follow any complaint processes offered by the employer to resolve the claim, and if the employer is the Tribe, the individual must follow any complaint process offered by the Office of Native American Preference.

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Preference Law

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